Cam Cam Copenhagen

Brand origin: Denmark

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s core originates from the love of babies and children, and a belief that they only deserve the best. It also comes from an understanding, as architects, that our surroundings are immensely important to us and influence us profoundly from the very beginning. Cam Cam Copenhagen creates quality, timeless and tactile design for children. We offer poetic products which help create calm and harmonious environments for children. Cam Cam Copenhagen is run by architect couple Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen. The company was founded in 2012.

 丹麥品牌Cam Cam Copenhagen

Cam Cam Copenhagen成立於2012年,由建築師夫婦Sara Giese Camre和Robert Warren Paulsen經營。品牌核心源自對嬰兒和孩子的愛,以及他們值得最好的信念。Cam Cam Copenhagen推出一系列優質、永恆和具時尚觸覺的設計,藉此為孩子打造平靜和諧的氛圍。