castanets 幼兒啟蒙樂器 - 響板

castanets 幼兒啟蒙樂器 - 響板

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Our Castanets come as a pair and are also known as clackers, are a percussion instrument, used in Spanish, Italian, Swiss, Portuguese and many more country’s music. Our softly sanded castanets are a fun way to promote fine motor skills and pincher grip.

• Suited for children 3 years plus and only to be used with parental supervision. These are NOT a teether and are NOT to be bitten or used for teething.


• 一套2件
• 響板是一種敲擊樂器,常見於西班牙、意大利、瑞士、葡萄牙和其他國家的音樂中
• 細砂紙響板是提高孩子的精細運動能力和抓握力的有趣方式

• 部份配件或較細小,只適合3歲以上兒童使用,並需在父母的監督下使用
• 此產品不是牙膠,不可以啃咬或出牙時當牙膠使用

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