double maraca - baby pink 幼兒啟蒙樂器 - 粉紅色雙頭砂槌
double maraca - baby pink 幼兒啟蒙樂器 - 粉紅色雙頭砂槌

double maraca - baby pink 幼兒啟蒙樂器 - 粉紅色雙頭砂槌

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Our Beech and Birch Wooden Double Maraca are double the shaking fun, we have designed these to the perfect size to fit your babies hands. They will be the perfect addition to your babies Percussion toy collection or Nursery Decor. They are individually hand painted with love that end up having their very own unique markings, these also encourage imaginative play, relaxation and advanced hand-eye coordination. With the beautiful natural noise these make you won't mind your babes shaking away for hours.

• As these contain small parts they are suited for children 3 years plus and only to be used with parental supervision. These are NOT a teether and are NOT to be bitten or used for teething.


• 砂槌依照幼兒小手的尺寸而設計
• 美妙的音樂讓孩子放鬆,並促進手眼協調
• 自然沙沙聲柔和悅耳,使您不必介意孩子連續晃動數小時

• 部份配件或較細小,只適合3歲以上兒童使用,並需在父母的監督下使用
• 此產品不是牙膠,不可以啃咬或出牙時當牙膠使用

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