noah giraffe baby teether 長頸鹿天然橡膠牙膠
noah giraffe baby teether 長頸鹿天然橡膠牙膠

noah giraffe baby teether 長頸鹿天然橡膠牙膠

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The cutest teether for your baby to use during the teething period. The little giraffe Noah is a good friend when the teeth break out. You'll find a fine collection of teethers in the OYOY MINI collection.

The teether is made of 100% natural rubber which is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like Phthalate, PVC, silicone, and BPA. It is safe for baby to chew on. The teether is cast in one piece without holes which prevents filth and mold from acquiring inside.

Natural rubber is biodegradable and a sustainable resource.

For daily cleaning, it is recommended to wash with soapy water. We do not recommend boiling the teether because the surface of the natural rubber has a self-cleaning effect in the sense that the surface is bacteria repellent. Is the teether by accident boiled, you should just put it in a cold place, and it will regain its strength back again.

CE - approved.

Quality: 100% Rubber
Dimensions: H15 x W10 cm


• 由100%天然橡膠製成,安全無毒,不含鄰苯二甲酸鹽、PVC、矽樹脂和BPA等化學物質
• 一體剪裁及無孔設計,杜絕牙膠內部藏有髒物和黴菌
• 天然橡膠是可生物降解及可持續發展的資源
• 符合CE標準

成分: 100%橡膠
尺寸: 高15 x 寬10cm

清洗方法: 建議使用肥皂水清洗 • 不建議煮沸牙膠,因為天然橡膠表面具有一定的自我清潔及抗菌作用 • 如果意外煮沸,應放在陰涼的地方自然吹乾

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