pi kapok baby pillow - confetti sandy 米色有機棉嬰兒枕頭

pi kapok baby pillow - confetti sandy 米色有機棉嬰兒枕頭

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Let the little ones get the best night sleep with a hypoallergenic baby pillow made from organic cotton and organic kapok.

Kapok is a natural, organic, and sustainable material which is known for its amazing characteristics. Kapok is heat regulating, breathable and antibacterial. These characteristics make it impossible for dust mites to live, which is why, the pillow is 100% hypoallergenic.

An amazing benefit is, that the baby pillow has the same dimensions as Liewood’s adorable baby pillow cases.

To maintain the great quality of the kapok pillow we recommend tumble drying it occasionally. If you tumble dry the pillow for 15-20 minutes every fourth month, it will remain soft and comfy for longer.
A kapok pillow will become softer over time.

We do not recommend washing the kapok pillow too often, since it is already antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Furthermore, we do not suggest washing the pillow before it has been used for some time, and the kapok fiber has become light and soft.
Please wash the pillow at max 40°C. Use detergent without enzymes and avoid using fabric softener. When washing it, a high centrifugation is important – the pillow should contain the smallest amount of water possible before tumble drying. Please do not let it be soaked or wet for a long time.

Tumble Drying
We recommend tumble drying the pillow immediately after ended wash. It is preferable tumble drying it separately. We suggest tumbling it for 30 minutes on high heat. Next, let the pillow airdry for 30 minutes to one hour. Repeat until it is completely dry.

Quality: 100% cotton organic / 100% Kapok organic
Dimensions: 40 x 45 cm


• 以有機棉及有機木棉製成的防過敏嬰兒枕頭,讓寶寶睡個好覺
• 木棉是天然、有機和可持續發展的物料,具有調溫,透氣和抗菌的作用,這些特徵使塵蟎無法生存,這是讓枕頭不會引起過敏的原因
• 嬰兒枕頭可與Liewood嬰兒枕頭套同時使用,尺寸相同

• 每四個月將枕頭烘乾約15-20分鐘,讓它能保持柔軟舒適
• 隨著使用時間,木絲棉枕頭會越趨柔軟

• 不建議經常清洗枕頭,因為它本身抗菌和低過敏性。亦不建議在使用一段時間後再清洗枕頭,因為木棉纖維會變得過軟
• 請以最高40°C的溫度清洗枕頭。使用不含酶的洗滌劑,並避免使用織物柔軟劑
• 洗滌時,高離心力很重要,枕頭在滾筒式烘乾前應盡少水
• 不要長時間浸泡或弄濕

• 建議在洗滌完後立即烘乾枕頭。最好單獨烘乾
• 建議在高溫下翻滾30分鐘,讓枕頭風乾30分鐘至1個小時至完全乾燥

質量:100%有機棉 / 100%有機木棉
尺寸:40 x 45 cm

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