tobi rain boot - cat rose 粉紅貓咪雨靴
tobi rain boot - cat rose 粉紅貓咪雨靴
tobi rain boot - cat rose 粉紅貓咪雨靴

tobi rain boot - cat rose 粉紅貓咪雨靴

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Liewood rain boots for children are made of 100% natural rubber, free from all harmful chemicals.

• 100% natural rubber
• Free from harmful chemicals like Phthalate, PAH
• Waterproof
• Tested for slip resistance on wet and dry surface making sure your child keeps a good grip.
• Tested for flexing of the sole to guarantee that the soles do not split.

• Please have a look at our size chart to make sure, you pick the right size for your child.

• For the colder days ahead, add an extra wool sole to create warmth and enhance the comfort.

Will be delivered in a beautiful box.
Quality: 100% natural rubber

Care Instructions: Please wipe with damp cloth and mild soap. Do not tumble dry.


• 以100%天然橡膠製造,不含任何有害物質,包括塑化劑等
• 通過防滑測試
• 經過鞋底彎曲測試,確保鞋底不會裂開
• 請選購前參考尺碼指引,為孩子挑選合適的尺碼
• 建議天氣寒冷時,在雨靴內添加羊毛厚墊,確保孩子溫暖舒適
• 附有漂亮的包裝盒



清洗方法: 以濕布及溫和肥皂抹拭,不可烘乾

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