Brand origin: Denmark

The Danish company OYOY Living Design A/S was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. 

The brand name is inspired by the OY letters, which since 1929 have been the signature on all Danish airplanes. Regardless of where in the world the planes may be located, the sense of belonging to Denmark is significant. At OYOY Living Design we are also proud of our roots and the letters OY are to indicate our Danish heritage.


2012年1月,丹麥公司OYOY Living Design A/S由設計師Lotte Fynboe成立。

自1929年起,"OY"兩個字母是所有丹麥飛機機身上的主要識別標記,因而啟發了品牌的名字OYOY。這也象徵著無論這些飛機停留在世界不同的角落,最終最重要的還是對於丹麥的歸屬感,因此OYOY Living Design的設計扎根於丹麥傳統之上,經典的北歐風格經典耐看,值得驕傲。