The currency shown on this website is Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). 

We accept bank transfer, credit card, PayPal only. We will email you the bank account details if you have chosen this payment method - 'bank deposit' . After you have deposited, please email us a copy of payslip by replying the email. We will then arrange the delivery after confirmation.

All orders will be settled in HKD. 


本網店以港幣 (HKD) 顯示各貨品的價格。

我們樂意接受銀行轉帳、信用卡及PayPal。如選擇以銀行轉帳付款,我們會將有關入帳的銀行戶口號碼以電郵發送給你。請入帳後,連同銀行轉帳通知書 (即付款證明) 副本回覆該電郵,我們確認有關款項後會盡快處理及安排發貨。

所有訂單以港幣 (HKD)結算。