finger toothbrush (tradewinds/stone) 藍色矽膠手指牙刷
finger toothbrush (tradewinds/stone) 藍色矽膠手指牙刷

finger toothbrush (tradewinds/stone) 藍色矽膠手指牙刷

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Help brushing go smoothly and begin building good habits with these 100% BPA-free, chemical-free finger toothbrushes! Made from food grade silicone, the bumps on the back assist with sore, teething gums while the bristles on the front keep your baby's teeth clean.

Conveniently packaged in twos (one for baby to hold and one for parent to use on baby). Hand wash with warm water.


• 有助由小培養幼兒刷牙的好習慣
• 100%不含BPA及化學成分
• 背面凸起的設計有助於舒緩牙齦酸痛,而正面的刷毛則可以保持寶寶的牙齒清潔
• 一套2件,一個可由寶寶自己拿着使用;另一個讓家長使用,為寶寶刷牙
• 以暖水手洗


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